High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be diagnosed as primary or secondary hypertension depending on whether there is a specific underlying medical cause. About 5% of diagnoses are for secondary hypertension, which means there is a specific known cause, such as chronic kidney disease. However, most diagnoses are for primary (or ‘essential’) hypertension, meaning there is no specific identifiable cause, but various lifestyle and emotional factors are known to contribute significantly.

Conventional treatment for primary hypertension usually involves:

  1. Medication to lower blood pressure
  2. Information on making lifestyles changes

Tackling the lifestyle factors that contribute to high blood pressure can be daunting without help but many people just don’t realise how effective these changes can be. By tackling the lifestyle factors underlying your high blood pressure, you really can significantly reduce your blood pressure, minimise the need for blood pressure medication and lower your risk of stroke, heart, kidney and eye disease, and vascular dementia.

In addition to almost twenty years’ experience as a hypnotherapist, I have highly specialised training as an accredited Hypnotension™ practitioner. The Hypnotension™ programme combines cognitive, behavioural and hypnosis-based techniques with changes to tackle the emotional and lifestyle factors which underpin many cases of primary hypertension. I can work in parallel with your GP’s treatment to help you back to better health. This means that even if you are using medication to lower your blood pressure you can still use the programme to address the underlying factors that are causing your hypertension.

The approach is adapted to the needs of each individual client, but might include helping you:

  • become more active
  • reduce stress and develop a regular stress management programme that suits you
  • tackle emotional factors that can increase blood pressure, such as anger, anxiety or resentment
  • make changes to your diet, such as reducing salt and fats
  • lose weight
  • reduce alcohol consumption
  • change unhelpful beliefs and expectations
  • address fears, for example, about health
  • relieve family and social pressures
  • learn self-hypnosis to self-manage your health
  • stop smoking

Not only can I help you make the changes you need, but I can help you enjoy maintaining your new positive healthy lifestyle!

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