Overcome Problems With Sleep

Insomnia and sleep difficulties come in a wide variety of forms: for example, not being able to get to sleep, waking frequently, waking early, being easily disturbed, the experience of physical pain or discomfort, experiencing nightmares or panic attacks during the night, or simply having unsatisfactory sleep that does not leave you feeling refreshed. Sleep problems can commonly develop in those unable to sleep at regular times, for example, shift workers or frequent international travellers. Sometimes clients come to see me because they can only sleep with the aid of medication and they would like to find a ‘more natural’ solution for good quality sleep.

Hypnotherapy can help sleep problems that have a psychological or emotional component to them. For example, many sleep difficulties are caused by stress, anxiety, intrusive thoughts or ‘not being able to switch off.’ Whatever the cause, however, once insomnia has set in, the problem is often exacerbated by a heightened fear of not getting to sleep and the formation of bad sleeping habits.

Over almost two decades as a hypnotherapist, difficulties with sleep are amongst the most common reasons why clients seek my help. Drawing on techniques from hypnotherapy, stress management, meditation, behavioural- and cognitive- therapies, I provide a safe and supportive environment for us to explore the specifics of your sleep difficulties, to help you let go of old unhelpful patterns and learn how to fall asleep easily and experience pleasant restful sleep. There really is no reason for you to struggle with sleep any longer.

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