These are some of the questions that I am most often asked about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. If you have any other questions or concerns you would like to address before booking an initial consultation, please feel free to get in touch either by phone or email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

During hypnosis you will feel very relaxed but aware of your surroundings. It may be similar to the feelings you have just before you drift off to sleep at night or when you are absorbed in a pleasant daydream. Typically, people find the experience to be profoundly calming and enjoyable.
Providing that you want to enter hypnosis and are willing to allow me to help you, you will easily achieve the hypnotic state.
Yes, at all times. You do not go ‘under’, you are not unconscious and you can hear everything that I say. Hypnosis requires the active participation of a willing volunteer – nobody can be forced to accept anything unless it is right for them.
You will be aware of everything you say during hypnosis and you remain completely in control, so you will only talk about the information that you want to.
I treat client privacy extremely seriously. Any information you choose to share during our sessions will not be shared with any outside person or organization without your explicit consent, except in exceptional circumstances: (1) where not to do so would break the law (for example, a court may compel a therapist to disclose client information) or (2) where there is an immediate risk of serious harm to yourself or someone else. The only other exception to confidentiality are that your case may be discussed anonymously during professional supervision (my professional body, and good practice, require that a therapist meet with another therapist on a regular basis to discussion current cases, this process is called supervision) To best protect your privacy, I ask how and when you would like to be contacted (for example, email, text or phone call). If anyone else ever picks up a call, I do not state who I am or why I am calling. I do not approach past or current clients in any public or social setting (you are welcome to say hello or pretend you don’t know me – whatever is most comfortable for you). To further protect your privacy, I do not use social media for any marketing or professional purposes.
Most people remember everything that they and I say during the session. Although you will feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, some people say afterwards that they ‘never went under.’ This is because the hypnotised feeling, whilst pleasant, is not out-of-the-ordinary and is one you have already experienced many times in your life, although previously you may not have labelled the experience as hypnosis.
Not at all. Stage hypnotists very carefully pick their subjects and only choose people with a strong desire to go up on stage and ‘perform’ – they may even behave the same way at the office party without the use of any hypnosis at all! This is how the stage hypnotist creates the impression that he is able to exert some kind of control over his “victims”. In reality, no one can be forced to do things under hypnosis that they do not want to do.
Hypnosis is completely safe and has been used successfully for literally hundreds of years. After experiencing hypnosis ‘for the first time,’ most people are surprised by how familiar it feels.
Unfortunately not and for this reason the reputable professional hypnotherapy organisations in the UK do not allow hypnotherapists to make such claims or guarantees. There are many different factors that can influence the outcome of hypnotherapy, for example, your own level of motivation and commitment to change, your level of rapport with your therapist and the therapist’s level of experience and skill. What I can absolutely promise you is that I will utilise my extensive training and experience to do my very best to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. For more details, you may wish to read my articles The Keys to Successful Therapy and My Promise to You.
This depends on your own personal circumstances and what you want to change but 3 to 8 sessions is typical. I am usually able to give you a rough estimate of the number of sessions you might require from your initial consultation. My aim is to get you to where you want to be in as few sessions as possible. For clients who wish to experience a more open-ended process, or who wish for longer-term support, I am also able to offer this service.
Typically, each session lasts approximately one hour. Sessions for the Stop Smoking Programme are approximately two hours in length.
Each one-hour consultation costs £95.

The two-hour Stop Smoking Programme costs £190.

In situations where a client requires assistance, but is unable to afford the fees, concessionary rates or a payment plan may be available – please enquire if this applies to you.

You can pay by direct bank transfer and I ask that you do this in advance of each consultation.
I see clients on-line via Zoom for online therapy.
I see clients online 0900 – 1600 Monday to Friday. Evening appointments (1800-2100) are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Mark Witter MA DHP PhD

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