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Why choose Mark?

There is a bewildering choice of hypnotherapists available and as hypnotherapy is an unregulated profession, literally anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist. Finding the right hypnotherapist can make a real difference to your chances of success. Here are some reasons why choosing me will benefit you.

Over 20 years’ experience and expertise

Since 1998, I have helped well over 2000 clients to achieve their goals. I have conducted more than 10,000 hours of face-to-face consultations with clients from all walks of life for a huge range of different issues (a list is available here). So whatever your difficulty or goal, you can be confident that I am highly experienced and skilled at working with a wide array of issues compassionately and sensitively.

Modern integrative approach

In a safe and compassionate environment, I bring together expertise from a wide range of approaches: hypnotherapy, stress management, cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, humanistic, body-centered and mindfulness-based therapies. My aim is to be able to respond effectively to your needs at whatever level is required, be it conscious or subconscious, feeling, cognitive, behavioural, physiological or spiritual. I can draw on a wealth of experience and expertise to help you can make the positive changes you need. (You can read my full list of qualifications here).

Peace of mind

My practice is strictly regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), which means my work is bound by their codes of ethics, conduct and performance. This means my qualifications have been verified, my work is subject to review via professional supervision, I am committed to continuing professional development and I carry professional indemnity insurance. You can read more about the ethics and conduct of my practice here. The Department for Health recommends that when you choose a hypnotherapist you consult someone who is CNHC registered. So you can be confident you are in safe hands.

Highly recommended

Many of my clients come to me following direct recommendation from former clients. I also receive referrals from other professionals including GPs, hospital consultants, complementary health practitioners, dentists, solicitors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other hypnotherapists.

Tailored to you

My entire ethos and approach views each individual as unique. You are not a ‘symptom’ and you are not a ‘type’. Your history and situation is unique to you. So I tailor each and every session to meet your specific needs and flexibly adjust the approach as necessary according to your progress. I believe that you are the expert on you, so we will work together to help you move forward in the most effective way.

Empathy, compassion and acceptance

Research suggests that the traits of empathy, compassion and acceptance in your therapist are critical to successful therapy. Despite the many years I have dedicated to professional training, I have actually committed even more time to the cultivation of empathy, compassion and acceptance through a daily practice of mindfulness meditation, which I have done for over 25 years. Although empathy, compassion and acceptance are not recognized by formal qualifications, they are probably the most important traits your therapist can possess. I treat the on-going cultivation of these characteristics as one of my highest priorities.

Committed to improvement

My aim is to be the very best therapist I can be in order to help you in the most effective ways that I can. I achieve this through on-going evaluation of client outcomes, on-going personal development, on-going professional training and on-going research into the latest approaches and techniques.

Committed to you

I understand that every single session with every single client really matters. I have an absolute belief in my clients’ abilities to change and improve their lives. So you can be confident that I will give you 100% of my effort and dedication to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible in each and every session.

Passionate about freedom

Fundamentally, I consider my life’s work to be about giving people freedom. Freedom from their problems. Freedom from their past. Freedom from their limitations. Freedom to achieve what they want to achieve. I am passionate about setting you free. Hypnotherapy and Hypno-psychotherapy, with an effective and experienced therapist, really can allow you to make genuine, lasting change. Are you ready to set yourself free?

If you have any questions, or if you would like to book an initial consultation, please get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you.

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