Break Free of Addiction

Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, shopping, work, sex or food – addictions come in many forms and are extremely common. Typically, by the time clients seek my help, they may already have tried to stop their addictive behaviour many times and found that either they couldn’t or that they improved for a while but relapsed back into their old patterns.

Hypno-psychotherapy (the combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy techniques) can be a highly effective approach to help you overcome your addiction. With over twenty years of experience, I provide a confidential and compassionate environment to support you in making positive changes. Sometimes, even when clients have battled with their difficulties for many years, it is possible to resolve addictive behaviours quickly. In other cases, successfully resolving addiction can be more complex, for example, where there are co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety. I have extensive experience of successfully helping clients across the addiction spectrum. I am also experienced in working with clients that are already utilising other treatment programmes (for example, twelve-step programmes and medical treatment) but require specific additional assistance.

Each client’s journey to recovery is unique, so your programme of therapy will always be tailored to your particular experience, history and needs, but might include:

  • Learning about the causes, symptoms and treatment of addiction
  • Establishing a solid base of self-esteem and self-worth
  • Managing stress, anxiety, depression, anger and guilt
  • Resolving past emotional challenges and trauma
  • Dealing with family and interpersonal issues
  • Changing unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs
  • Developing greater self-awareness through mindfulness
  • Building healthy boundaries and emotional resilience
  • Training in relapse prevention

Hypno-psychotherapy can help you to make positive changes at many different levels. I draw on effective and established techniques from hypnotherapy, meditation, behavioural- and cognitive- therapies, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and stress management to help you cope effectively with the challenges of life, both internal and external, achieve a real sense of self-worth and take back control of your own behaviour.

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Mark Witter

Mark Witter MA DHP PhD

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