Dealing with Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is extremely difficult. Common reactions are shock, denial, withdrawal, anger, anxiety, upset, grief, guilt, blame, depression and fear. The most common treatments for cancer (for example, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy) can present their own emotional challenges as well as physical side-effects, including pain, nausea and sickness. Hypnotherapy, from a skilled practitioner, delivered with compassion and empathy, can be a real help at such a difficult time.

Clients with cancer usually come to see me for two broad reasons:

  1. to receive help in coping with, and in some cases reducing, the physical side-effects of treatment
  2. to receive help in dealing with their emotional and psychological responses to the illness and treatment

It is now widely known and accepted that hypnotherapy can help to reduce the experience and distress of physical pain, whether caused directly by the cancer or by the associated treatments. Hypnotherapy can help to reduce anticipatory nausea and vomiting in response to cancer drugs and it can also help to reduce both the frequency and intensity of hot flushes caused by cancer treatment. However, even for those physical symptoms which cannot be reduced, hypnotherapy can usually help to reduce the degree of distress and suffering that these symptoms cause.

Hypnotherapy applied with appropriate psychotherapy techniques (hypno-psychotherapy) can also help you deal with the emotional and psychological consequences of cancer, such as stress, anxiety, fear of dying, religious or spiritual distress, depression and insomnia. I have wide-ranging expertise in the fields of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy built up during over two decades in practice. From diagnosis to treatment to recovery, my skills and experience can help you reduce your distress, alleviate your suffering and significantly enhance your quality of life as you make your way through one of life’s most difficult journeys.

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