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As someone that used to smoke up to 60 cigarettes a day, I know all about the challenges of stopping smoking first hand! But in helping you to stop smoking, I can offer you a lot more than my own personal knowledge – with over two decades of experience successfully helping clients to quit, and specialised training in smoking cessation therapies, I offer a complete two-hour psychological programme to help you stop smoking permanently. The approach is tailored to you as an individual, your own particular patterns, habits and associations with smoking, as well as utilizing your own psychological profile to help you the most. Hypnotherapy, when applied with experience and skill, is a powerful tool to help you become a permanent non-smoker. For example, helping you to –

  • Increase your motivation and will-power to stop smoking
  • Feel more relaxed about things that you used to find stressful
  • Release your old habits automatically
  • Re-write your old associations with smoking
  • Reduce (or even eliminate) withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, irritability and overeating
  • Become much more confident in your ability to succeed

Typically, the first half of the stop smoking session is spent (1) exploring the details of your smoking habit (for example, when and why you started smoking, the history of your smoking, like previous attempts to quit, how many you smoke now, what is the daily pattern of your smoking, etc.) , (2) understanding the psychology of smoking as it relates to you (for example, do you smoke to relax, do you smoke more when angry or stressed, do you smoke to gain social confidence, etc.) and (3) teaching you effective psychological techniques to control cravings and alter the way you think and feel about smoking. The second half of the session involves hypnosis tailored specifically for you, which is recorded onto CD for you to use at home to reinforce the work carried out during the session, helping you to become a permanent non-smoker. The vast majority of clients that are ready to quit only require this one session and the CD to succeed.

Occasionally, clients require more time or support to make this change (for example, perhaps they need to resolve a significant source of distress in their life or perhaps they need to overcome an addiction to cannabis in addition to cigarettes). I am also able to offer you longer-term help and support on your journey to health and success if this is what you require.

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